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Interior Sketch is a business interior design and custom furniture makers group, concentrated on innovation and cutting-edge corporate design. In our drive to deliver the creative and effective composition to our clients, we improve our experience in interior design, Furniture design, space planning, project management, and execution. Interior Sketch was born in Dhaka in 11th February 2016. We’re invested in the areas we serve and committed to making a difference, both locally and globally.


It’s our duty to make the future workplace is going to be Amazing. We decorate business spaces that improve productivity, encourage teamwork and inspire creativity. Our top class, in-house architects, and designers have many years experience in business interior design projects and will work with you to produce ideas and solutions. They will confirm that your project accepts their full attention. Our strength is innovation, bringing unique objects to both modern and traditional designs.


At Interior Sketch, we believe that extraordinary design can change the way people see their world. A quiet home office can make midnight an opportunity to work more. A dynamic workspace can motivate a passion for a job well done. An exceptional retail setup can attract and delight those who shop there. This is our main philosophy. The confidence that spaces have to mean, and that everyone deserves one that is custom-made for who they are and how they live.


The online interior design service that makes it fun, easy, and affordable to decorate your space.

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Naim Zaman

Founder & Interior Designer

Taifur Rahman

Senior Architect

Abul Khayer

Head of Creative Analysis

Zaied Sifat

Head of IT & Infrastructure